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Question about the Library?

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What types of library materials may I borrow?

1657 views   |   111   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Most library materials including books and other formats may be borrowed. Other media equipment, such as DVD camcorders, digital cameras and overhead projectors may also be checked out from the Circulation Desk.Only faculty may borrow journals housed in the library.  Storage journals may be checked out by faculty, staff and students.... read more

Who is eligible to use online library services?

1597 views   |   117   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Anyone may use most online services from computers housed in Lovejoy Library if computers are available.  Inquire at the Information Desk for a visitor log-in. Current SIUE students and employees are eligible for remote access to online library services.  When prompted to log in for any I-Share library service, you must have a UFind Username.  To create a UFind Username account, click on “Creat... read more

What if my library materials are overdue?

1579 views   |   115   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

As a courtesy, the library sends a reminder to borrowers through SIUE E-mail two days before items are due. Overdue notices are sent via SIUE e-mail and U.S. mail. Even if a notice is not received, borrowers are responsible for assessments incurred. Many overdue items may be renewed without fines. However, when applicable, fines are assessed as follows:   Browsing collection - $1.00/day Period... read more

Who can borrow from Lovejoy Library?

1575 views   |   120   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Current faculty, students, and staff of SIUE and other I-SHARE institutions receive complimentary library privileges. Courtesy Borrowers including members of the SIUE Alumni Association and the Friends of Lovejoy Library may obtain specified library privileges. Affiliated borrowers may obtain specified privileges according to the agreement with the affiliate organization. If you would like to be... read more

Where do I check out library materials?

1407 views   |   123   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

All library materials are checked out at the Circulation Desks on the 1st floor of Lovejoy Library—one at each entrance.  Two Self Check-out machines are also available for most materials... read more

How much does 3D Printing cost at the library?

1399 views   |   125   Last updated on Jun 10, 2015    3D Printing

Our current rate for 3D Printing is $2 per hour of printing time. More details and policies can be found on our Guide to 3D Printing.... read more

How long can I keep library materials?

1365 views   |   133   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Loan periods are posted at the Circulation Desk and vary depending on the type of material and the category of borrower. Most books circulate to undergraduate students and staff for 4 weeks; to graduate students for 8 weeks; and to faculty for 16 weeks. Browsing Collection (current releases) have a 4 week loan period for all borrower groups. Overdue fines are assessed on these items. Due da... read more

Is there a video that covers general information about the library?

1304 views   |   118   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Information

Yes! Our Youtube channel contains the "Into the Stacks" video series, exploring different locations and resources in the library.... read more

Do I need a library card to borrow?

1190 views   |   127   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Your ID card from SIUE or another I-Share institution functions as your library card. You must present this ID to borrow.Courtesy and Affiliated borrowers must present the appropriate library borrower authorization and a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.... read more

Who can submit an Interlibrary Loan request?

1138 views   |   121   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Interlibrary Loan

Current SIUE faculty, students, and staff.... read more

What if I can’t find the book I want on the shelf?

1113 views   |   122   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Ask for help at the Information Desk. They may request a special search for you. Special searches help library staff monitor collections.Information Desk staff may also be able to suggest an alternate source so that your research is not delayed.... read more

Can I renew my library materials?

1095 views   |   108   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Unlimited renewals are available on many library materials. To renew an item by phone, call the Circulation Desk at 618-650-2172. To renew an item online, click on “Renew or Request Items” on the library homepage. When renewing online, always check the due date to be sure the loan was renewed. Items that will not renew must be returned. Periodicals, course reserves, special loans, DVDs, VHS ta... read more

How can I submit an Interlibrary Loan request?

1089 views   |   114   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Interlibrary Loan

You may submit your request using I-Share, the online request forms in ILLiad, or the interlibrary loan option available in many of the Library’s online databases. You must be registered in the ILLiad system for the last two options.... read more

How do I submit a 3D Printing file to the library?

1025 views   |   128   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    3D Printing

Visit our 3D Printing guide at for information about 3D printing, including how to request a print, digital modeling tutorials, links to places to download ready-to-print models, and more.... read more

What type of information will be requested for an Interlibrary Loan request?

1023 views   |   111   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Interlibrary Loan

Complete and accurate bibliographic data about the item and personal information about you and your delivery preference will be requested. Incomplete or inaccurate information may cause delays in processing or denial of the request.... read more

Where do I return library materials?

1020 views   |   124   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

When the Library is open, return all library materials to the Main Circulation Desk.. After hours, most books may be returned in the book drops located in the front and back of the Library. All media & equipment must be returned to the Circulation Desk during operating hours.  Media & equipment should never be returned to the book drops as damage may occur and the borrower will be held responsi... read more

Do borrowers have any special responsibilities?

1004 views   |   113   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Check your SIUE email account daily as important user information and many library notices and are sent via email only. Report address changes at the Library Circulation Desk and keep your “mailing” address current in Cougarnet.  If you report an address change to the Library and don’t update your Cougarnet information, the old address will over-write the new one in your library account. Know ... read more

Can someone else use my ID card to borrow?

989 views   |   107   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Borrowing

Lending of ID cards is not permitted. You must present your own ID to borrow. The owner of the ID is responsible for all materials borrowed with it. Lost ID cards should be reported immediately to the Library Circulation Desk at 618-650-2172 and to the Service Center at 618-650-2080 or ... read more

When should an Interlibrary Loan request be submitted?

973 views   |   114   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Interlibrary Loan

Items should be requested when the material is not available at SIUE. Please check the Library’s holdings before submitting requests. Information Desk staff may be able to help you identify alternative SIUE-owned sources for the information you need.... read more

Are telephone requests accepted for Interlibrary Loans?

950 views   |   101   Last updated on Jul 31, 2014    Interlibrary Loan

No. Requests should be submitted using the online system. Interlibrary Loan staff should be called only if special processing of a request is required.... read more

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