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What if the publisher refuses to allow me to deposit my article in SPARK?

189 views   |   21   Last updated on Jun 10, 2015    Open Access SPARK (institutional repository)


If the standard agreement proposed by the publisher does not grant you the right to post your article in your institution's repository you may return the agreement to them with the SIUE Amendment to Publication Agreement, which adds language to the contract that preserves your right to post your manuscript version in SPARK.

If the publisher has notified you of a specific embargo period on your article, you can enter the embargo date on the upload form, place a note in the "Comments" field on the upload form, or notify us by email when you submit the paper to SPARK. During the embargo period, only the metadata (title, author, abstract, etc.) will be visible in SPARK.

If the publisher refuses the amendment and declines to allow posting of your manuscript to the repository in any case, you may complete a policy waiver form and your obligation to post the manuscript will be waived for that article.